HONJO & Moku2+4

¥14,500 (+Tax)

17inch Alex Moulton Aluminium mudguards set

(モク・ツー  プラス  フォー)

Please contact us on our Instagram direct if you are intersted in it.https://instagram.com/moku2plus4/
Drop handle for WB stemMokuParts_Drop.html
20inch TSR mudguardMokuParts_20mudguard.html
Mosquito handleMokuParts_Mosquito.html
Moku Original Parts TopMokuParts_Top.html

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三条店 -Sanjo Store (Sales Department & Factory)-

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TEL: 075-746-6132

Made in Japan.

Moulton Bicycle original mudguards are made by referring to our original mudguards but the design of our mudguards is rounded leading edge.

Our mudguards has been making for twenty years.

Includes fitting parts

  1. Mudguard stays (Front & Rear)

  2. Mudguard stay anchor plate, nuts , bolts